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Anyone else notice this?

Going to have to play wack-a-mole with ignoring spam accounts.

Lately there seem to be #spam activities on #joindiaspora - they randomly like your posts.

Don't try the links those accounts offer in their user names.

Tifoel Free Nuts ---***.***.ru
vrtx ---***.***.website
Neoras Etlere --- www.sеху.***.ru


Yeah there's also a serious problem in reporting comments, where when you report a comment, it goes to your own podmin, not to their podmin.

These accounts were on JD. Registrations are disabled so I guess they are coming from invites. I purged all I could find. If you find any similar accounts still open please report them.


This phone gets more and more interesting...

Purism and UBports officially collaborate to offer Ubuntu Touch on Librem 5

Crowdfunded Librem 5 ramps up development to now offer users three fully free and open mobile operating system options

While the Librem 5 will ship with Free Software Foundation-endorsed PureOS by default, utilizing GNOME across all devices, Purism will support customers who want to easily install Ubuntu Touch offering great diversity for users around the world. In addition to UBports, Purism is working with GNOME and supporting KDE Plasma Mobile, rounding the user choices to three options come January 2019 when the Librem 5 will be shipping to customers:
Librem 5 with PureOS
Librem 5 with PureOS (KDE Plasma Mobile)
Librem 5 with Ubuntu Touch

#smartphone #linux #pureOs #KDS #Ubuntu-touch #librem #rpifreng


Look what just showed up in my timeline

As I was about to resend out my contact info prior to removing my FB account, I was greeted with this gem. Can you hazard a guess of which one I chose? Just a few more weeks...



JB, We'd like to appear to "do better" without actually doing much of anything. Please play along with our charade by rating your agreement with the statement "we care"...


An apt poem

An apt #poem , consider it's #earthday and the current state of affairs; by Sara Teasdale, a fellow Saint Louisan.

There Will Come Soft Rains

There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground,
And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;

And frogs in the pools singing at night,
And wild plum-trees in tremulous white;

Robins will wear their feathery fire
Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;

And not one will know of the war, not one
Will care at last when it is done.

Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree
If mankind perished utterly;

And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,
Would scarcely know that we were gone.


A good visual reminder.

How (public) posts propagate from pod to pod on #diaspora*

Independently of wether you are #newhere or #oldhere it is worth knowing that:
A public post is delivered to your pod if it is posted (or reshared) by someone who is sharing with somebody (or with whom somebody is sharing) from your pod.
This explains why diaspora* may seem quite abandoned at first especially if you register to a small(er) pod and why sharing with people is important.

source: comments of @Benjamin Neff on this post.


The Orville

I should've kept up with this show. Very good parable-style writing.

Okay, I admit that while on my mobile device, I used to check Frequently, but I'm just done with it.

Googles Accelerated Mobile Pages is an unmitigated shit show. It benefits no one but Google. What used to be nicely formatted news on my phone has turned into a cascade of advertising and tracking. It takes considerable effort to tell the source of news stories (hello fake news) if that can be discerned at all, and it makes it impossible to share news stores or return to a story at a later date.

Seeya I'll just use the or news apps and call it a day. Let us know when Google decides to return to normal web standards.

Why I Do not like AMP

#google #news #standards


Easy NextCloud Install

From the Twitterverse (something meaningful from Twitter, I know!):

Want to set up a box for an easy #NextCloud install? Looks like someone made a couple scripts for using nginx, php 7.2, MariaDB on top of #Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Sounds pretty slick!

Haven't tried it myself, YMMV, etc. But a great way to try to get into hosting your own "cloud" server. :) I have it on my server now and it works great, even with pleb #MySQL and #Apache.
Build your Nextcloud Server using one shell script

+1 for yunohost, works like a charm for a handful of better known web apps. It show a lot of promise and is very usable for things like webmail, wordpress and next cloud from day one.

I run mine using the official Docker image. Easy to install and upgrade to new versions.


Sure you do, Facebook...

This started showing up in my FB feed after I posted a "Leaving Facebook" post. AI strikes again!

T-3 weeks. #cantwait #deletefacebook

Unbelievable, these coincidences... :-)

I thought I'd have to get surgery to correct the eye roll I made when I read that on my FB page... :)



#music #post

YouTube: Jakob Lonesome (sascha 1974)

This immediately reminded me of Anathema. Good stuff.

Never thought about that comparison before (probably because it's vox-less), but I can definitely hear it!

That took me away for a little bit :)


Interesting idea

I wonder, as the free networks become more popular, and therefore attract...all manner of people who may be less"excellent" towards each other, if something like this would help to filter people who are automatically antagonistic based on who you are (aka trolls). It would be a lot less manual than forcefully banning trolls from each node, for sure. But, could it turn the network into a series of echo Chambers like on FB or Twitter? I suppose, at least in this case, each user would be able to control content transparently with sliders, versus depending on Ma Facebook.

Don't know, kinda torn on the idea. What do you think?

Federated social networks need their own algorithms

In Facebook Only Cares About Facebook, Ethan Zuckerman, from MIT's Center for Civic Media, presents his team's new tool, Gobo, which allows the users to bypass Facebook's and Twitter's algorithms to filter one's timeline dynamically using complex algorithms, under the hood. Using a set of sliders, one can choose to limit the appearance of brands, political views of your echo chamber, small talk and rudeness, and to promote the presence of more women in the timeline.


This tool is #opensource. You can find it on github.

In all free social networks, the #timeline is strictly chronological with no algorithmic filtering. The only ways to filter things on free networks are:

\* to search for hashtags (which over-targets one specific content to the detriment of other related stuff),
\* to find your home on a pod or instance where most people filter things like you would (which is an echo chamber),
\* to create groups, where users will be clustered according to what you believe is their main characteristic; you basically group people as if they were one-dimensional representatives of a topic, political view, gender, style, or whatever (generally, those who are that much unidimensional also get less interesting after a while),
\* to enforce rigid and prohibitive content rules using filters analogous the nsfw filter (Friendica does that),
\* to display the timeline with last commented posts first, to get an indirect idea of what's "trending" and possibly interesting,
\* to exclude some languages (but of course, beyond the practicality of filtering languages you'll never learn, it's quite xenophobic to filter a language you'll never understand because it is more likely to express thoughts you'd rather not think!).
(not all of these options are available on all platforms)

Basically, none of the filters we have on free networks is satisfactory, and we must realize that algorithms are not just those big bad machines that format us into products. Without algorithms, people who are very active will invade your timeline. People who are less active likely will be drowned. If you share this person's passion for, say, Japanese cinema of the 1940's, you'll have to tolerate his intense passion for ferrets.

People on for-profit social networks might adopt Gobo, or not. Facebook, true to its nature, does not let Gobo do its magic. Twitter, as usual, is more welcoming. There might be a Gobo+Twitter trend some day. But whatever happens to Gobo as a MIT experiment and live criticism of the algorithmic giants, its code will be there to make free networks more attractive -- and welcoming to those who are #newhere.

The free network community is full of very competent developers who could integrate the Gobo code into their favorite social network. Because of our ethos of participation and openness (and basic awesomeness), we -- developers and regular users -- could build together new algorithms.

I´d say. most people are on the Federation because they don't want anyone or an algorithm to decide which content of the people and topics they share with the that share with them they get to see. Cronological order is perfecly fine, if we are no longer interested in seeing something, we can unfollow the hashtag, or stop sharing with that person.

I have started to remove contacts that are on Mastodon. Not because I don't like them. Just because their way of communicating (nanoblogging!) tends to invade my timeline, with some nice stuff, but also with lots other discussions I couldn't care less about. Lots of noise coming from these networks. Of course, I can decide to see posts from the other networks, and from my RSS feeds, but it defeats the original purpose of having everything in the same place(s) regardless of the source.

You can follow the path to the possible (opt-in) algorithm implementation in Friendica here (

I also unfollow verbose Mastodon accounts even if I'm interested in their content, but it isn't a new behavior since I chose Friendica. However not everyone on Mastodon is spamming, so I still follow a bunch of people over there (mostly dead accounts).

Oh good more reasons to #deletefacebook
Login With Facebook data hijacked by JavaScript trackers

According to #Reuters #Facebook says users must accept targeted ads even under new EU law . The greed for personal data is sheer limitless. The eight headed monster cannot easily be done away with. Did you #deletefacebook already ?

A good read for the options you might have to limit cross-site advertising. In the US, there are about 6 data brokers that sell online data to FB. It also gives options for opting out of marketing.

#facebook #privacy
Mike Edwards doesn't like this.
And a handy list of all brokers and optout options here - well for the US anyway. Haven't found as much for the UK.


Just Gets Creepier...

#Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Predict Your Future Actions for Advertisers, Says Confidential Document #deletefacebook
damh, facebook knew I was going to click like on this story!

I'm sure if they wanted to, they could tell I'll be "switching brands" away from them shortly. :)

How to find forums or people/pages on Friendica?
Did you know there is a directory where you can find forums and pages/people on Friendica? You can find it here:
Or more specifically for forum only:
Pages come up in the list as people.
You can also see on this website which hashtags are trending, which may be an nice way to find hashtags to follow.

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